L&S Cosmetics and Toiletries (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated on November 16, 1992.
The company was established to capitalize on the increasing global demand for contract manufacturing in the cosmetics and toiletries industry.

Over the years, L&S experienced rapid growth with a focus on R&D capability and customer service. In addition, L&S invested in the expansion of production capacity, manpower and as well, operation facilities to support the increasing customer demand. L&S is engaged with various laboratories in USA, UK, France and Spain in ongoing development of environmentally friendly products. We further strive to provide the latest cosmetics and toiletries innovation using the latest raw materials available.

L&S engages the customer at each point in the development process and ensures a recurring level of engagement in product development. L&S growth is aligned with our customers growth and we are committed to support our customers in respect to their objectives.